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AC11 can Help you to Look and Feel Better and Younger

You may not be looking or feeling your best due to the aging process, genetics, your lifestyle, and health issues. It can all take a toll on how you feel and what you see when you look in the mirror. Being able to stay healthy at any age is very important. AC-11 is an extract that can help your DNA repair itself naturally. Not only will it eliminate cells that are damaged, it will give your immune system a boost.
There are anti-aging elements offered with the value from AC-11. This includes reducing inflammation and helping you to look years younger. You may not like the lines or wrinkles you see in the mirror or your photos. Your DNA has codes in it, and they tell the cells in your body what to create. However, as you get older, there are errors that happen in that coding. This is when you will age and when you will struggle with health issues.
Don’t let the DNA errors get the best of you and reduce your quality of life. While we are all going to get older, you can do it gracefully. You can fight against the aging process and against health concerns. Eating right and working out do help, but if you have a family history of health issues you may feel there isn’t much else you can do. AC11 has enzymes found in it that will help your cells to repair themselves.

What is AC11? What are the Benefits of DNA Repair?

You may be hearing a great deal about AC-11, including the scientific research and the patents for it. However, you may still be wondering what exactly is it? This is an organic extract found in the rainforests of Peru and Brazil. It comes from the Uncaria Tomentosa plants. It is believed to be the only extract available that will help the DNA successful repair itself! At the same time, it is able to reduce inflammation and to naturally fight free radicles that can cause cancer and other serious health concerns.
AC-11 is categorized as a Phytonutrient, meaning it is known to promote better health both for animals and for humans. It can be used to prevent health problems as well as to help someone improve their current ailments. However, you should be proactive and not wait until you have serious problems or heavy signs of aging before you take it!


The Amazon rainforest is a vast and amazing area! There are many plants found there that don’t grow anywhere else in the world. They are mysterious, and there is still plenty of research that has to be done to find what they can all do. However, there has been significant studies conducted with AC-11, and the information is very well regarded. Many researchers fondly refer to this rainforest as a living pharmacy. They love the idea of natural benefits for helping people rather than products that come with harsh side effects.
For decades there have been breakthroughs due to the plants that live in this part of the world. There are still plenty of them that haven’t been identified yet! It is believed only about 20% of the lifesaving plants in the rainforest have been identified. The cure for cancer and other health problems may be found there one day! AC-11 was found by Dr. Ronald W Pero in 1996. He is both a professor and a scientist. He is considered one of the top experts in biochemistry. He is also well known for his research in the area of DNA repair.
Dr. Pero didn’t find AC-11 by accident, he went looking for it! He was on the hunt for it after pouring over decades of research about the plant life in the Amazon. He was in awe of the Indians living there and the fact that they have very few health issues and they age slowly. They use the Uncaria Tomentosa plant extracts regularly for their well-being. They actually make tea from it for the medicinal benefits.

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Obtaining the AC-11 from the plants in the Amazon rainforest isn’t an easy task. You can be assured every effort is made to harvest the extract without compromising the life of these plants or harming the rainforest. There are policies in place about what can be done and how it is done in order to maintain the natural elements of this rainforest.
Harvesting AC-11 takes place by cutting the plants about three feet above the ground and then capping the plant. This ensures the roots aren’t damaged and neither is the overall structure of the plant. The new saplings are also planted to help regenerate the overall growth of these plants. The goal is to offer AC-11 benefits while remaining respectful of the environment and overall conservation of the rainforest.


Once the AC-11 is harvested, it is taken to selected manufacturers for the extraction process to take place. Such manufacturers must adhere to very specific methods and procedures to maintain the value of the product. They use hot water for the extraction process, followed by a purification method. This is what is used by consumers to help repair DNA and to help them reduce the risk of health problems.
It is important to understand there are some imitations of this product out there, but they aren’t the same. If you buy a product called Cats Claw, it has similar properties but the method to extract it and process it isn’t the same.

Is it Safe?

The use of AC-11 is safe as it is an all-natural extract. It is the only product known to help repair the DNA. The product comes from a rainforest free of toxins and then it is carefully processed to make sure there is no compromising when it comes to the value it offers and delivers. For the best results, adhere to the dosing instructions on your VitaRepair bottle.

Healthy Living Starts Now with VitaRepair

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